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Investment analysis of Die & mold standard parts industry market development
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China mold standardization work started late, together with the promotion, implementation and promotion of the work of small, so the mold standardization behind the production, but also behind the world's many industrial developed countries. Abroad mold developed countries, such as Japan, the United States, Germany, and so on, the standardization of the mold has been nearly 100 years of history, the development of mold standard, mold standard parts of the production and supply, has formed a perfect system. The China mold standardized work just from the "national mold Standardization Technical Committee was established after 1983 began. China currently has about 2 000 mold production unit, mold production has developed greatly, but compared with the industrial production requirements are compared, it is not suited to the degree of standardization and the level of mold is one of the important reasons is not high.

China's mold standardization system includes four categories of standards, namely: the basic standards of the mold, mold quality standards, mold parts standards and technical standards related to mold production. According to the classification standard and mould die stamping die standard, plastic injection mold, die-casting mold standard standard, standard fasteners, forging die, drawing die upsetting die standard standard, cold extrusion mould standard, rubber mold, mold standard glass products and automotive die standard ten categories. At present, China has more than 50 mold standard a total of more than and 300 standard numbers and auto parts of the 14 kinds of common devices and 244 varieties, a total of 363 standards. The formulation and implementation of these standards, improve the standardization of China's mold and the level of standardization.

With the request of the international standard, increasing international communication development of imported mold the domestic and foreign-funded enterprises on the supporting mold, on the one hand, standards setting pay attention to adopt international standards and advanced foreign national standards, including the adoption of advanced enterprise standard; on the other hand a lot of mold standard parts production enterprises according to the market need, in addition to the China standard production mold standard parts, but also according to the foreign advanced enterprise standard production mold standard parts. Such as Japan's "Futeba", German "Haas test", the standard has been widely popular in China.

The concept of "die standardization", which is often mentioned in the die and mould industry, is quite complicated, which is different from the commonly used in the mechanical industry ". The latter can generally be used to measure the rate of standard parts, and the former often refers to the use of mold standard parts coverage". Because not China mold standardization late, mold standard parts production, sales, promotion and application of the work is relatively backward, so the problem of standard mould parts specifications, supply is not timely, supporting the poor exist for a long time, so that the use of standard parts mold coverage has been low. This year, although due to the involvement of foreign enterprises, the proportion has been greatly improved, but overall is still very low. According to preliminary estimates, the current easy roughly in the ratio between 40% - 45%. And the international general in more than 70%, of which more than 80% small and medium-sized mold. Due to the nature of the Chinese mold enterprises and different regions, the use of standard parts of the mold coverage is very different. Foreign funded enterprises than other enterprises, the enterprises should the South than the North high. This is the most obvious performance in Guangdong.

Where the industry is more developed countries, more attention to the standardization of the work, because it can bring quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the industry. Mold is a special forming tool products, although strong, but also an industrial product, so the standardization of work is very important. The standardization work of the mold mainly includes the formulation and implementation of the technical standard of the mold, the production and application of the standard parts, the propaganda, the implementation and the promotion of the relevant standards.

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