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Transformation of China's manufacturing industry has reached a critical point
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This year due to Japan China NPC and CPPCC, consumers buy the toilet cover and the Spring Festival before the withdrawal of foreign investment enterprises increased phenomenon, making the transition China issue was significantly higher than in previous years popular, even pessimists believe that China manufacturing can endure the financial crisis in 2008, but not necessarily lives 2015. This concern may not be considered, but the government has been upgraded for many years, now there must be a breakthrough action.

So, in 2015 China's manufacturing in the end what challenges? Bear the brunt of the increase in foreign investment. In February 5th, CITIZEN precision Guangzhou company suddenly announced the dissolution of 1042 employees and unemployment (see the newspaper in March 9th 25 edition of the "CITIZEN withdrawal: the Pearl River Delta manufacturing industry; in February 7th," farewell puberty) Daikin company said it will move back to the domestic air-conditioning production from Chinese located in Shiga factory; in February 27th, Microsoft announced Chinese, will turn off the mobile phone the factory is located in Beijing and Dongguan...... And, SHARP, TDK, Nike, Foxconn, Samsung and other world famous enterprises have opened a new plant in Southeast Asia and India.

In fact, this is not the withdrawal began in 2015, from the survey case that CITIZEN Guangzhou company, started in 2014 this transfer has been brewing, and since 2012 25 the city of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other sharply raised the minimum wage standard, some textile enterprises began to evacuate Chinese. It can be said that the manufacturing industry especially low-end manufacturing will be transferred to the lower labor cost countries and regions, which is represent the general trend of industrial development, large supermarkets in foreign countries, "Made in China" products is not a few years ago with the audience, such as Mexico, India, Pakistan and other developing countries are already in the alternative Chinese manufacturing.

If only by the impact of the major trends, it seems that the lack of fear, but we see that many of the U.S. and South Korea in the high-end manufacturing companies began to withdraw from China, the return of their own. For example, in 2013 Apple computer production line of $100 million withdrawal of the United States and Japan, the substantial depreciation of the yen is conducive to the export of domestic enterprises and other factors, domestic enterprises began to return, such as the CITIZEN, Daikin and other examples. This is after the financial crisis in 2008, some developed countries to attract manufacturing to return to the results of the new deal. In this regard, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Beijing recently, a report said that China's foreign capital withdrawal rate has risen for three consecutive years, the golden age of transnational enterprises in China is nearing completion. China's reform and opening up over the past 30 years, relying on the scale of the winning era is also moving towards the end.

Need to reflect on the real economy in the past few years to get the support and not enough. After the 2008 financial crisis, bank lending more to invest in the infrastructure sector, some of the industrial capital and instead invest in real estate, short-term interests to win, but also formed a reverse effect. Under such circumstances, in the face of the transformation and upgrading of the pressure of manufacturing enterprises, I am afraid it is difficult to concentrate on the main business.

Some of the new China investment environment in the last one or two years of change, also make foreign investment such as canceling too busy to attend to all, super national treatment, start the foreign antitrust investigation, government procurement of independent innovation products and so on China. In more than and 10 years, we vigorously attract foreign investment, the land tax and other resources to tilt sharply focused on foreign policy, now Rainbow Night, let some foreign feel very uncomfortable. On the one hand, this requires foreign investment to adapt to this new normal set aside time; on the other hand, foreign investment also want to change, seize the new opportunities in the change of the Chinese market. In this regard, the Chinese market is still a lot of space, but also to the transformation and upgrading of foreign investment. Government policy must weigh the scale between efficiency innovation and fair justice.

Danger also organic. Over the years, foreign-funded enterprises is an important part of the China manufacturing, now a temporary evacuation phenomenon, at the same time give us a wake-up call, also accelerate the pace of transformation of passive China manufacturing, is the so-called "the most difficult Time will not wait for me., now is part of foreign enterprises after the withdrawal, the local government does continued work after all, there are factory land idle. And the government wants to eliminate the withdrawal of the low-end manufacturing industry, just as well as to the transformation and upgrading of space. Made by Hangzhou China intelligent toilet from Japan bought the cover, let us see, with many years of foreign enemies. China, manufacturing capacity has been catching up, especially a large number of firms since 2008 because of reduced overseas orders began to export to the domestic road, and build their own brands, and this is a great opportunity for these OEM enterprise counter attack.

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